Bridge to Tomorrow (B2T) is a two year developmental leadership program that seeks to include emerging leaders in the conversation about the value and future of public lands and public-private partnerships. The B2T program includes a signature project, convention presentation, convention networking, mentoring opportunities, and career development resources by working with other B2T members throughout the year and attending the yearly APPL Convention. The program started in 2009 and is funded jointly by APPL’s Next Generation Fund, members, and partners. You can show your support for the program by donating to the Bridge to Tomorrow fund. See below for past B2T Classes.


 If you have questions about the B2T program or application process, please contact Alex Vidal at or 301-946-9475 extension 223. 

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B2T Class of 2014
B2T Class of 2013
B2T Class of 2012
B2T Class of 2011
B2T Class of 2010