Bridge to Tomorrow (B2T) is a two year developmental leadership program that seeks to include emerging leaders in the conversation about the value and future of public lands and public-private partnerships. The B2T program includes a signature project, convention presentation, convention networking, mentoring opportunities, and career development resources by working with other B2T members throughout the year and attending the yearly APPL Convention. The program started in 2009 and is funded jointly by APPL’s Next Generation Fund, members, and partners. You can show your support for the program by donating to the Bridge to Tomorrow fund. See below for past B2T Classes.

Eligibility:  Applicants should be young professionals, college students, or volunteers (18-30 years of age) associated with a public land organization, program, or land management agency. Previous B2T participants are welcome to re-apply. Participants are responsible for their own expenses to attend and participate in the Convention – scholarships opportunities are available.

Scholarships: Thanks to the generous donation of APPL member organizations and partners, scholarships are available to applicants of APPL member organizations based on need and/or previous APPL scholarship award reception. If requesting scholarship funds, please complete the scholarship section of the application. Request for scholarships is not a guarantee of funding.

Quotes from past B2T participants:

"As a young professional I don't always know what I NEED in order to progress.The B2T program gives me and my peers the opportunity to experience a variety of topics and view points that are driven by our own interests. A program like this can provide infinite possibilities to each of us - with every conversation we have and each introduction we make."

"The B2T program allows for young professionals to meet so many representatives from other agencies around the country. Many of the current CEO and board members were once a young professional trying to figure out which path to take, and having the opportunity to share stories, receive advice, and network is invaluable."

"Everyone was so kind and friendly! Also networking with everyone at the convention and getting the opportunity to attend the luncheon and feeling almost like a part of the staff, because the entire APPL Staff was so welcoming and friendly and we felt like we "knew" someone."

"The B2T program provided a great opportunity to meet high level professionals who all share many common interests in the outdoors and preserving our public lands. Also, The hike was excellent."

"My favorite part of the 2013 B2T program was meeting the other participants and becoming inspired by their experiences. Alex Vidal was the perfect person to host the B2T program as he was excited, flexible, and interested in making the program the best he could for us."

"The B2T program is important as a networking opportunity for young professionals that are just going into the work force. I feel that I have life-long connections to the other B2T participants that I can call on for career advice, ideas, and future opportunities. Additionally, its an opportunity for the "bottom" to communicate with leadership. Youth have rare opportunities to express their ideas and to have those incorporated into management. The B2T program gives young professionals an opportunity to learn about non-profit and federal agency management, bounce ideas off of those experienced in management, and gives us an experienced leg-up when we seek to make improvements in the places that we work."

 If you have questions about the B2T program or application process, please contact Alex Vidal at or 301-946-9475 extension 223. 

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