Build the capacity of your nonprofit public land organization by joining APPL. 

APPL offers exceptional programs and benefits to improve your organization and its partnerships through: 

  • Communications and Networking
  • Training and Capacity Building
  • Government Relations and Advocacy
  • Operational support


For-profit organizations wishing to support the efforts of APPL and the work of our members are able to stay involved with the APPL community by contributing to the Vendor Support Program. If you have questions about membership or would like additional information please contact us

Standard Members

Standard membership is open to any 501(c)(3) organization that has a formal agreement with one or more public lands agencies. Applications are reviewed and approved by APPL's Board of Directors. (Download a Standard Member applicationPDF)

Associate Members

Associate membership recognizes other categories of like-mission and like-minded organizations who may benefit from, support, and contribute to the goals of APPL. These associates receive many of the communication and educational benefits of APPL, but do not qualify as voting members of the organization.

  • Emerging Public Land Partner - An organization that has not yet received its 501(c)(3) status or is in the process of obtaining an agency partnership agreement. Documentation reflecting application for these supporting materials must be provided when application for membership is submitted. Dues are $250 a year and membership in this category is limited to no more than two (2) years. The organization should ascend to the Nonprofit Member category once its 501(c)(3) status and/or agency agreement is confirmed. (Download an Emerging Public Land Partner applicationPDF)
  • Nonprofit Ally - An organization that supports the public lands community but is not affiliated with a particular park, forest, monument, or refuge. Organizations that have both nonprofit status and a signed agreement with a public land site(s) should complete the Nonprofit Membership Application. Dues are $1,500 a year.  (Download a Nonprofit Ally applicationPDF)