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APPL Members Play A Key Role In The Future Stewardship Of Public Lands

APPL members share a mutual goal with public land agencies – to educate and engage visitors with the hope that they will become active stewards, helping to care for and protect America’s treasured spaces. Examples of successful nonprofit partnership accomplishments in achieving this goal include:
  • High-quality and innovative educational materials and resources to explain the cultural, natural, and historical importance of public lands.
  • A broad range of informative products for all age groups.
  • Improved visitors’ experiences by operating specialized retail outlets.
  • Stimulating enthusiasm about public lands by supporting programs that create lifelong learning opportunities.
  • Events and outreach programs for underserved audiences that build awareness, appreciation, and understanding of public lands.
  • Providing personal connections to the lands through membership, fundraising, and volunteer programs.
  • Financial contributions to partner agency projects that help improve visitor services and protect cultural and natural resources.
  • Acquisition assistance of new public lands through major fundraising efforts