Media and Partnership Awards

The APPL Media & Partnership Awards recognized achievements in publications, product development and programming by all nonprofit public lands partners regardless of their membership in APPL. The awards are bestowed on an annual basis and are presented at the APPL Annual Convention. Any nonprofit organization with an agreement with a public lands management agency may enter.

APPL Media & Partnership Award Winners

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2014 Awards
Winners Bulletin

2014 APPL Excellence Award

  Why the Moon Paints Her Face Black
  Capitol Reef Natural History Association


2013 Awards
Winners Bulletin

Press Release

Interview with Manzanar History Association

 2013 APPL Excellence Award

Children of Manzanar  Children of Manazanar
  Manzanar History Association



2012 Awards
Winners Bulletin
Press Release

Interview with Devils Tower Natural History Association and teacher, Beth Marlatt

2012 APPL Excellence AwardThe America's First Project
The America's First Project

Devils Tower Natural History Association

2011 Awards
Winners Bulletin
Press Release

2011 APPL Excellence Award
Presidio Seed & Plant Lab

Presidio Seed and Plant LabGolden Gate National Parks Conservancy in
partnership with the Presido Trust and
the National Park Service

2010 Awards
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Press ReleasePDF

Mojave Max Education Program - 2010 APPL Excellence Award Winner 2010 APPL Excellence Award
Mojave Max Education Program
Red Rock Canyon Interpretive Assocation

2009 Awards
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A Lover's Line Thru the Presido - 2009 APPL Excellence Award Winne 2009 APPL Excellence Award
 A Lover's Line Thru the Presidio
 (onsite A/V presentation)

 Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy in
 partnership with the Presido Trust and
 the National Park Service
2008 Awards
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Grand Canyon Adventure Board Game - 2008 APPL Excellence Award Winner

 2008 APPL Excellence Award
 Grand Canyon Adventure
 Board Game

 Grand Canyon Association

2007 Awards
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Pioneer Voices of Zion Canyon - 2007 APPL Excellence Award Winner 2007 APPL Excellence Award
 Pioneer Voices of Zion Canyon
 Zion Natural History Association
2006 Awards
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Save the Hemlocks Campaign - 2006 APPL Excellence Award Winner 2006 APPL Excellence Award
 Save the Hemlocks Campaign

 Great Smoky Mountains Association

2005 Awards
Winners BulletinPDF
Park Views: Fall '04 Newsletter - 2005 APPL Excellence Award Winner 2005 APPL Excellence Award
 Park Views: Fall 04 Newsletter

 Friends of Santa Cruz State Parks