Board of Directors

APPL Board of Directors and Staff at the Yellowstone Arch
during APPL's strategic planning meeting. (March 2014)

Jerryne Cole (President)
Denali National Park Wilderness Centers
Lyman Hafen
Zion Natural History Association
Laurel Rematore (Vice-President)
Mesa Verde Museum Association
Edward Gonzalez
American Association for the Advancement of Science
Barbara Muhlbeier (Treasurer)
Pinnacle Financial Partners, Inc.
Nick Hardigg
Portland Parks Foundation
Diana Saathoff (Secretary)
Mount Rushmore Society
Evan Hirsche
Discover Nature Apps
Ellis Bacon
Great Smoky Mountains Association
Charles Money
Rocky Mountain Nature Association
Blaine Benedict
Red Rock Canyon Interpretive Association
Christine Muldoon
CM Communication International, Inc.
Bill Berg
David Poteet
New City
Jeff Brown
Yellowstone Association