The Association of Partners for Public Lands (APPL) is a not-for-profit organization working to enhance the potential of its members, who are dedicated to public understanding, appreciation, and stewardship of America’s natural and cultural heritage. Through capacity building, information, and government relations, APPL promotes the vitality of its members and their programs of service and support to the agencies who oversee this nation’s public lands.

APPL's objectives are:

  • to promote the valuable role of member not-for-profit organizations in instilling public appreciation for the nation’s natural, scenic, and historic treasures;
  • to represent the interests of member organizations with land management agencies, Congress, and others at a national level;
  • to promote among members effective collaboration in their shared mission of education, stewardship, public engagement and philanthropy;
  • to foster professional management practices among members;
  • to encourage members to practice exceptional customer service;
  • to encourage member organizations in the development and distribution of quality information, educational materials and programs;
  • to provide educational opportunities, program recommendations, and services of benefit to member organizations;
  • to facilitate information exchange and partnership among all member organizations and the agencies they serve;
  • to communicate issues and trends which may affect member organizations.

The Association of Partners for Public Lands meets its objectives by:

  • representing its membership to government agencies, Congress, related organizations, and the public at a national level;
  • acting as liaison between the agencies and member associations at a national level;
  • providing educational opportunities for association board and staff members as well as agency personnel through training in nonprofit management and operations, board development and orientation, publications and program management, fundraising, and other topics specifically tailored to the work of member organizations;
  • sponsoring an annual convention that features workshops, seminars, and other educational presentations; networking opportunities; a trade show of products and services; and a showcase for achievement and best practices;
  • providing members with information of importance to the management and operation of their organizations through a monthly newsletter, Newswire, membership surveys; technical bulletins, and other resources; 
  • encouraging information and idea exchange by maintaining a communication network, a member database, published directories, and the APPL website.